-Stone: Natural, Solid Australian Boulder Opal – Floral Patterned Boulder Opal

-Carat weight: 12.15ct
-Dimensions: L18.5 x W15 x H4.5mm
(All measurements are averaging at as the cut is freeform)

-Cut: Freeform to the natural shape of the opal

-Description; Floral Patterned Boulder Opal. Dark luminous gem blue & green colour play with floral pattern that is disbursing over the opals face clustering at the wider end of the opal

-Origin: Our mine is located in the Jundah region, South West Queensland, Australia

-Opals colour & intensity varies with different lighting and angles; for this reason, we try to include photos taken in a variety of lighting; outdoor in direct light, in the shade & inside under or near a basic desk lamp. Please keep in mind that colours can display slightly differently on computer & phone screens


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