Rough Pipe OPal Parcel (60x piece) (SOR04)

Find the video of this opal at the end of the photos

Parcel of rubs/rough Australian Pipe Opal – we have sawn/ground down the rock to expose the opal & the rest is left for you to utilize your cutting skills to remove any of those natural imperfections, shape and polish (uneven surface, cracks, chips, scratches etc)

-Photos are taken both dry and wet

-Grams weight: 96.44
-Dimensions range from;
L; 6.5- 47 mm

-The parcels are not available to modified or for pieces to be sold individually

-Origin: This opal has come from the Opalton region, South West Queensland, Australia

-Our mine is located in the Jundah region, South West Queensland, Australia   

SHIPPING INFORMATION; Refer to the FAQ’s for all the ‘need to know’ information

-Please be aware that customs/VAT taxes may apply
-Buyers are responsible for any customs/VAT taxes that may apply
-If you are concerned contact customs in your county to determine how much customs/VAT taxes you will be charged
-We do not accept returns due to rejection of customs/VAT charges

We only sell the real deal; natural, solid Australian Boulder Opals

The majority of our Boulder Opals are directly from our Opal mine located in the Jundah region, Queensland Australia.

We also like to support our fellow Boulder Opal miners & source opals we know you will love directly from them

Traceability is important to us, we like our customers to know what area in Queensland, Australia their opal has come from.
If the origin is Jundah then this is an opal from our mine.

Once the opal has been mined, we take the ironstone/sandstone boulders from their original state in the ground and start the journey of processing down the rough material through precision sawing, cutting, shaping and polishing, all done by hand & using a variety of machinery to get the perfect, professional finish

We DO NOT sell doublets, triplets, treated or synthetic opal

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-behind the scenes cutting & mining

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